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Domain SEO Length Auction AuctionEnds Price Bids Age Traffic Value
ENDADS.NET 6Bid04d 06h 46m$1200116,918$469
MEUSJOGOSONLINE.COM 15Bid01d 08h 51m$8516055,552$960
DENIDURO.COM 8Bid-1d 04h 44m$152045,570$1,074
KILOSEX.ORG 7Bid00d 05h 33m$101040,122$595
KFCHK-COUPON.COM 12Bid01d 09h 19m$101034,538$162
NUDYPORN.NET 8Bid-1d 08h 36m$152032,883$121
TETEDEPOULE.NET 11Bid03d 08h 35m$121030,743$154
MAYCDN.COM 6Bid-1d 04h 27m$8215028,941$1,504
FLIX555.COM 7Bid-1d 07h 05m$17015023,221$1,276
47NVNV.COM 6Bid08d 04h 08m$120021,869$0
337KAN.COM 6Bid06d 05h 12m$121016,053$1,186
XN--Q3C.COM 7Bid03d 06h 42m$101013,448$0
AMOSPOTI.COM 8Bid08d 09h 25m$120012,332$931
02488B.COM 6Bid01d 04h 40m$1055010,035$0
TORRENTREX.COM 10Bid02d 05h 43m$15209,530$1,113
CYNOGLE.COM 7Bid04d 04h 41m$10109,338$1,193
LAPTOPSFORVETS.ORG 14Bid04d 04h 27m$10108,890$425
FILMA24HD.CC 9Bid05d 07h 33m$12008,793$4
TRABALHANDO.COM 11Bid00d 09h 00m$3052608,164$3,795
378KAN.COM 6Bid06d 09h 04m$12006,847$0
HUMANBYTES.NET 10Bid07d 06h 48m$12006,571$245
COZYBUY.NET 7Bid05d 09h 26m$10105,883$455
HDFILMSITESI2.ORG 13Bid04d 05h 46m$10105,672$94
ANI24GO.COM 7Bid05d 06h 46m$10105,646$0
EMBEDDEDHACKER.COM 14Bid03d 04h 29m$10105,629$1,204
TOMMAN.INFO 6Bid02d 06h 05m$10105,547$3
MADDJAV.COM 7Bid03d 06h 59m$10105,307$1,062
IFKORE.US 6Bid08d 07h 14m$12005,124$6
TAKHFIFBARTAR.COM 13Bid01d 07h 01m$10104,864$0
PORNXMOVIES.NET 11Bid01d 07h 36m$12004,560$52
GET4ALL.ORG 7Bid07d 08h 53m$12004,558$290
134WU.COM 5Bid03d 07h 44m$12004,282$1,244
ATLETICOPARANAENSE.COM 18Bid01d 08h 17m$3,5556004,087$344
SERIALE-FILME.COM 13Bid02d 05h 04m$10103,901$370
SWEETNESSRUNSDEEP.COM 17Bid01d 07h 25m$10103,870$583
KABOOO.NET 6Bid01d 08h 26m$15203,751$650
GUTENBERG.NET 9Bid07d 06h 04m$4034703,628$2,767
MUSICRAISER.COM 11Bid07d 08h 08m$12103,627$1,564
773KAN.COM 6Bid06d 06h 21m$12003,520$1,172
TAMILHDVIDEOS.NET 13Bid01d 06h 02m$12103,516$166
JOKER123SLOT.ORG 12Bid01d 05h 00m$12003,510$320
32NVNV.COM 6Bid08d 07h 45m$12003,488$0
CLINIFORTE.COM 10Bid00d 04h 52m$12003,390$1,118
FF122.COM 5Bid03d 05h 06m$10103,372$1,159
3RBUP.COM 5Bid05d 06h 19m$40803,245$1,116
SURENGUAN.ME 9Bid04d 05h 04m$10103,162$9
THEEVERYDAYFAE.COM 14Bid06d 08h 54m$12003,090$579
FF637.COM 5Bid03d 05h 08m$12002,983$1,242
COOLESTDISCOUNT.COM 15Bid05d 07h 35m$12002,981$1,142
KOMPUTEROMANIAK.NET 15Bid05d 04h 31m$10102,906$30
MEANDMYDIY.COM 10Bid01d 05h 16m$4121502,820$823
VLADRASSKAZOV.COM 13Bid05d 07h 44m$12002,820$410
GOMOBINOW.MOBI 9Bid08d 06h 45m$12002,751$0
ENVIROMAN.CO 9Bid08d 08h 07m$12002,730$15
ORANGECOOL.COM 10Bid-1d 07h 30m$12102,711$2,142
DESARROLLADORAGENESIS.COM 21Bid05d 05h 22m$12002,640$594
LEIGHTONNAKATA.COM 14Bid03d 07h 27m$12002,550$433
THEWHARFPUBNEWPORT.COM 18Bid04d 05h 48m$12102,550$586
PREPARE-FOR-ECONOMIC-COLLAPSE.COM 29Bid03d 08h 13m$10102,520$102
SPOTIFY-ESPANA.COM 14Bid04d 07h 57m$10102,511$304
TEACHERTOTRAVELER.COM 17Bid07d 05h 03m$12002,490$658
EE216.COM 5Bid03d 07h 50m$10102,454$1,497
CAPTAINJAKESWATERFRONT.COM 22Bid02d 05h 00m$72902,386$883
BENNYBEARPROOF.COM 14Bid02d 06h 41m$12002,370$632
EXPATRIATESVOICE.COM 16Bid01d 07h 07m$12102,334$1,147
FRANCESCAGASPERINI.COM 18Bid06d 08h 41m$12002,312$336
39NVNV.COM 6Bid08d 06h 58m$12002,299$0
PLANTZAFRICA.COM 12Bid03d 09h 06m$1,5753002,262$901
100ASHES.COM 8Bid01d 08h 36m$12002,220$1,101
HOELIONWYTH.ORG 11Bid01d 04h 13m$12002,220$0
TIPJARPODCAST.COM 13Bid04d 07h 40m$12002,220$847
LOOK1234.COM 8Bid-1d 07h 59m$29502,162$1,254
UGANDATRAVELGUIDE.COM 17Bid06d 06h 12m$38502,076$1,075
SIGNAPHI.COM 8Bid02d 04h 55m$12002,070$1,315
BOLLYV4U.COM 8Bid01d 06h 55m$10102,065$0
2048HS.ORG 6Bid-1d 07h 16m$15202,035$0
GAMERASSAULTWEEKLY.COM 18Bid06d 05h 33m$12102,010$473
HBCOMPOUNDING.COM 13Bid02d 04h 14m$12001,950$1,171
SWEENEYSCOOKIES.COM 15Bid06d 07h 12m$12001,950$729
DIGITALDOLLARAPP.COM 16Bid07d 05h 50m$12001,890$654
PINOYKWENTO.COM 11Bid-1d 08h 35m$10101,880$588
DAYSOFALANDSCAPER.COM 17Bid01d 09h 20m$12001,860$819
MACAILYCUTLER.COM 13Bid06d 07h 12m$12001,860$249
AZULI.ORG 5Bid08d 07h 36m$12001,860$1,027
KIMLARSENDESIGNS.COM 16Bid00d 08h 38m$10101,848$286
FUN-FASHON-FOOD.COM 15Bid02d 06h 11m$12001,830$199
STRAIGHTJACKETWRITERS.COM 21Bid03d 07h 49m$12001,830$864
UMMOHH.COM 6Bid02d 07h 02m$10101,827$0
THELITTLESHACKS.COM 15Bid02d 04h 35m$10101,808$1,039
CAPELLANIAMINISTERIAL.COM 21Bid01d 06h 07m$12001,800$465
THEBLACKTEAROOM.COM 15Bid02d 05h 05m$12001,800$1,122
PEDEA.ORG 5Bid05d 08h 47m$12101,792$1,052
VTV10.COM 5Bid07d 06h 53m$12001,775$1,176
BRIANHUNGERFORDSTORYTELLER.COM 26Bid04d 05h 33m$12001,770$243
MAKESTRIDESEVERYDAY.COM 19Bid03d 06h 54m$12001,740$429
CAMPFORFM.COM 9Bid-1d 06h 53m$12001,680$805
HENTAISTOP.COM 10Bid02d 09h 17m$12001,680$1,308
JULIEMOLLOYDOLLS.COM 16Bid01d 08h 51m$10101,671$332
HUNGTRINHSTONES.COM 15Bid00d 09h 02m$12001,650$322
MEWILLBEME.COM 10Bid02d 09h 02m$12001,650$513
GRAYSCLEANINGSOLUTIONSLLC.COM 25Bid01d 05h 00m$12001,620$96
MASTEROFDYSFUNCTION.COM 19Bid01d 06h 38m$12001,620$1,060
STEALINGTIMESTUDIOS.COM 19Bid04d 07h 47m$12001,620$396
ADDICTIONTREATMENTSEARCH.COM 24Bid07d 09h 04m$12001,620$532
MARTHAMARTHABLOG.COM 16Bid01d 09h 26m$10101,594$201
FLOWERMOUNDPUMPKINPATCH.COM 23Bid03d 06h 22m$62701,590$55
FXNEKO.COM 6Bid03d 07h 34m$12001,578$0
MIRRORAU.COM 8Bid-1d 05h 15m$10101,561$1,297
HIGHTIDELIQUORS.COM 15Bid-1d 09h 02m$12101,560$902
CHRISTIANBASEDDRUGREHAB.COM 23Bid-1d 06h 24m$12001,560$910
EFIENIFIE.COM 9Bid00d 04h 11m$12001,560$0
THEANXIOUSINSOMNIAC.COM 19Bid02d 07h 51m$12001,560$715
MAIL-MESH.COM 9Bid06d 05h 16m$12001,560$986
MY-DISC-PIZZA.COM 13Bid00d 07h 27m$12001,530$362
1STARABLINK.COM 11Bid02d 05h 34m$10101,530$402
KATYKAY.COM 7Bid01d 08h 16m$10101,513$1,280
ARCHITURE.NET 9Bid00d 05h 48m$10101,500$185
PREP-ED.ORG 7Bid05d 06h 20m$12001,500$520
DRUGABUSEDIR.COM 12Bid-1d 07h 53m$12001,470$424
WOOLWHEATEN.NET 11Bid07d 04h 24m$12001,470$40
DANCEPORNTUBE.COM 13Bid03d 04h 44m$12001,468$1,080
MYROMANTICLIFE.COM 14Bid03d 05h 55m$12001,440$1,185
THEPICK4U.COM 9Bid04d 08h 25m$12001,440$713
MICHDOCFAMILYMEDICINE.COM 21Bid07d 07h 46m$12001,440$417
YOUTH-SPORT-FOTOS.COM 17Bid00d 08h 35m$15201,410$18
CHAIANDCHIC.COM 11Bid02d 05h 32m$12001,410$1,043
CODEITNICOLE.COM 12Bid03d 08h 01m$12001,410$662
RESTAURANTEGALEON.COM 17Bid03d 04h 53m$12001,410$1,213
PATAGONIAFLYBOX.COM 15Bid03d 06h 54m$12001,410$938
THEOUTDOORNOTE.COM 14Bid06d 04h 31m$12001,410$1,107
ANATOMYCAMPUS.INFO 13Bid08d 06h 53m$12001,410$6
LONDONISHLIFE.COM 13Bid08d 09h 08m$12001,410$644
730SU.COM 5Bid03d 08h 27m$12001,391$1,281
INTERMEDIACELI.COM 14Bid08d 06h 15m$12001,383$532
GG524.COM 5Bid03d 08h 39m$12001,381$1,117
ONEANDONEDESIGNS.COM 16Bid-1d 08h 55m$12001,380$629
COMMONGIRLADVENTURES.COM 20Bid-1d 05h 51m$12001,380$846
FUTURA-AQUA.COM 11Bid01d 05h 51m$12001,380$521
SARKIS-SAYS.COM 11Bid01d 04h 06m$12001,380$295
INTRANETINFOSEC.COM 15Bid02d 08h 05m$12001,380$1,068
SELECTSTARTERS.COM 14Bid03d 07h 27m$10101,380$1,145
EUHERBALSTORE.COM 13Bid06d 08h 59m$12001,380$1,145
IMMACULATECONCEPTIONOFMARY.COM 26Bid08d 06h 23m$12001,380$181
BLACKLIST-STREAMING.COM 19Bid07d 06h 16m$12001,376$415
SHYBUTTON.NET 9Bid01d 04h 32m$12001,354$37
ARMCHAIRCATHOLIC.COM 16Bid-1d 07h 36m$12001,350$1,129
VOLLEYBALLUNITESTHEWORLD.COM 24Bid02d 08h 04m$12001,350$561
UNLIKELYYORKSHIRELASS.COM 21Bid02d 07h 03m$12001,350$333
ANGELIACRISCI.COM 13Bid05d 08h 00m$12001,350$362
BEACREATIVEISH.COM 14Bid06d 08h 34m$12001,350$482
THEXRPNEWS.COM 10Bid07d 05h 07m$12001,350$964
VENTUREJINJI-SENMON.COM 19Bid01d 06h 29m$10101,335$1
AA864.COM 5Bid03d 06h 23m$12001,331$1,301
SAVYTRAVELER.NET 12Bid-1d 05h 54m$12001,320$184
SOUTHERNPUPMOM.COM 14Bid-1d 08h 36m$12001,320$640
SANJYOTFOUNDATION.ORG 17Bid03d 08h 03m$12001,320$110
TOP-SMARTFONOV.COM 14Bid03d 07h 10m$12001,320$223
WELLWOMANWELLNESS.COM 17Bid04d 04h 29m$12001,320$960
KEVINRANDOM.COM 11Bid05d 05h 22m$10101,320$1,007
SYNCOPESOLUTIONS.COM 16Bid05d 07h 04m$12001,320$1,136
THEPIRATEVILLAGE.COM 16Bid06d 07h 40m$12001,320$1,028
SUKIBE.COM 6Bid07d 06h 07m$12001,320$1,264
THESCIENTIFICBEAUTY.COM 19Bid07d 08h 52m$12101,320$1,008
ROZENEWS.COM 8Bid00d 07h 10m$12101,314$1,506
MARAQLI.INFO 7Bid-1d 06h 24m$12101,305$12
ASIANADINING.COM 12Bid06d 05h 30m$12001,297$1,210
PLANTBASEPLANET.COM 15Bid-1d 06h 41m$12001,290$748
LIFEGROWTHFINANCE.COM 17Bid-1d 05h 36m$12001,290$1,102
BEKSTEJDZUSA.COM 12Bid00d 03h 59m$12001,290$0
MDALEGADO.COM 9Bid02d 08h 35m$12001,290$795
PINKIPANDEYBOOKS.COM 16Bid02d 07h 42m$12001,290$96
STEVENWWILLIAMS.COM 15Bid02d 05h 43m$12001,290$603
BARAGTRAVEL.COM 11Bid03d 06h 00m$12001,290$844
WIZEKENNELS.BIZ 11Bid04d 08h 24m$12001,290$2
BTDC-STLDEMS.ORG 12Bid05d 06h 58m$12001,290$0
MAYATTT.COM 7Bid01d 08h 22m$12001,282$1,074
RODO.INFO 4Bid03d 07h 32m$10101,280$220
HOLDENKENNELS.COM 13Bid-1d 09h 19m$12001,260$855
ROONILWAZLIB.COM 12Bid-1d 07h 18m$12001,260$0
DEFTBODY.COM 8Bid00d 07h 49m$12001,260$1,399
CHADFOSTERPHOTO.COM 15Bid00d 08h 59m$12001,260$370
COLORFUL-IDEA.COM 13Bid01d 08h 33m$12001,260$391
CHATEAUTESTOSTERONE.COM 19Bid01d 06h 30m$12001,260$1,135
PHOTOBOOTHCENTRALYXE.COM 20Bid07d 08h 00m$12001,260$172
HUNGRYHOLLAND.COM 13Bid08d 04h 34m$12001,260$1,082
AWDALPRESS.COM 10Bid01d 04h 35m$22401,248$832
STONESAPPLEBARN.COM 15Bid05d 06h 15m$12001,246$849
AETNADRUGREHABCOVERAGE.COM 22Bid-1d 07h 05m$12001,230$345
PACKMAPPAREL.COM 12Bid-1d 07h 21m$12001,230$779
LEADBURY.COM 8Bid02d 05h 22m$12001,230$1,204
OOLALABEAUTYANDBARBER.COM 21Bid02d 04h 58m$12001,230$194
THECAREHOMEMANAGER.COM 18Bid02d 05h 59m$12001,230$381
LIVESTREAMTOOLKIT.COM 17Bid03d 06h 38m$12001,230$1,135
TESTIMONYOFANALINEMARIE.COM 23Bid07d 08h 27m$12001,230$100
PHILOSOPHYOFGRAMMAR.COM 19Bid08d 07h 39m$12001,230$1,064
FORMSOFFICE.COM 11Bid01d 04h 20m$12001,228$1,402
SUNDUKOVA.COM 9Bid08d 07h 51m$12001,210$1,423
NELSONREALTYCOMPANYLLC.COM 22Bid00d 05h 06m$12001,200$268
PIECEANDBLESSINGS.COM 17Bid00d 06h 01m$12001,200$921
CELLPHARMEDICALSOLUTIONS.COM 24Bid01d 06h 13m$12001,200$151

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