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Domain SEO Length List AuctionEnds Price Bids Age Traffic Value
LIBROSKETCHUP.COM 13Bid04d 17h 31m$121026,310$1,005
MUKGU.COM 5Bid07d 16h 57m$120018,901$1,251
LOLYTAS.NET 7Bid02d 13h 54m$121017,480$98
STARMIRCHI.COM 10Bid-1d 14h 03m$10519016,783$2,525
DEGOBOOKS.COM 9Bid-1d 14h 22m$1,02652012,803$1,119
3DCATCHYFETISH.COM 14Bid02d 16h 37m$152010,830$69
BAIXARPIPOCOLANDIA.COM 18Bid01d 13h 08m$1175010,473$75
FRESHJOBSFLORIDA.COM 16Bid02d 12h 48m$65418,632$849
CASPHY.COM 6Bid04d 12h 31m$32508,567$1,335
ALOVIO.COM 6Bid02d 15h 13m$15207,732$1,155
SRASICORP.NET 9Bid08d 16h 26m$12006,780$47
MYAYUSH.ORG 7Bid07d 15h 12m$12006,540$138
LOVIENTV.COM 8Bid07d 17h 24m$12106,221$951
DISKMOE.COM 7Bid07d 14h 37m$12005,787$1,018
H-DOUGA.NET 7Bid06d 15h 14m$10195,432$206
CPMCHURCH.ORG 9Bid-1d 14h 53m$12005,370$664
GZBJJL.COM 6Bid05d 14h 09m$10105,180$0
HEALTHREMEDIESINFO.COM 18Bid02d 14h 15m$5982904,899$565
BADASTREAM.COM 10Bid03d 16h 29m$1172304,884$2,098
XN--O39AS6BO4S8YBRVO2ME.COM 23Bid06d 16h 40m$12104,522$0
CONTROLLINGMYTIME.COM 17Bid08d 16h 24m$12004,380$697
GLOTV.BIZ 5Bid00d 17h 37m$12104,309$56
MYDAILYCAFE.COM 11Bid08d 13h 45m$12004,237$1,244
EASYTHAICHINESE.COM 15Bid07d 13h 27m$17204,066$1,074
RTRWNET-CIANJUR.COM 15Bid00d 15h 59m$12003,995$15
YANDEX.CC 6Bid03d 12h 31m$12103,916$1,094
MASSIMOVIAZZO.COM 13Bid-1d 16h 19m$12003,900$301
ANHERAVIACION.COM 13Bid08d 14h 08m$12003,900$390
JAVHOLA.COM 7Bid06d 14h 25m$10103,831$1,320
ADVANCEDFILEOPTIMIZER.COM 21Bid07d 12h 38m$1176113,800$285
BEATFLIX.TV 8Bid01d 13h 05m$117663,793$36
ACFPMENU.COM 8Bid05d 15h 25m$117603,730$834
SUPER-PING.COM 10Bid03d 15h 41m$12103,703$1,001
MONEHHOME.COM 9Bid-1d 13h 38m$12003,690$728
MIZUNOSHOP9.NET 11Bid07d 13h 28m$12103,493$20
233YS.NET 5Bid02d 15h 24m$10113,454$19
CIRCUITSANDBOARDS.ORG 17Bid01d 14h 08m$12003,390$322
SNACKHISTORY.COM 12Bid06d 13h 56m$1931803,371$1,273
TIARABOSS.COM 9Bid02d 14h 48m$1161923,335$1,127
HIGHLANDYANGON.COM 14Bid08d 13h 30m$12003,275$926
ORGMX.COM 5Bid07d 16h 04m$12003,137$1,260
LUXELADYSHOP.COM 12Bid02d 17h 06m$10133,070$704
WHERETHEJOURNEYTAKESUS.COM 22Bid06d 12h 54m$12002,880$320
JEFFCOTRADING.COM 13Bid-1d 17h 48m$12002,730$1,051
TRONROYAL.COM 9Bid05d 17h 09m$12102,705$1,645
THESHOPPINGS.COM 12Bid06d 12h 47m$12002,684$1,646
KRISHRECIPES.COM 12Bid-1d 15h 09m$10102,580$669
VOIDBUZZ.COM 8Bid06d 14h 49m$12002,550$1,397
STOCKUPFOOD.COM 11Bid04d 15h 10m$12002,460$1,120
PHILGIS.ORG 7Bid-1d 15h 15m$2,12546122,414$503
SEOSOCIALNEWS.INFO 13Bid04d 17h 23m$1052242,353$8
MEMERSPLANET.COM 12Bid06d 13h 01m$10102,294$648
LONDOVOR.COM 8Bid04d 15h 32m$12102,291$1,075
CROAGH-PATRICK.COM 14Bid-1d 13h 15m$3,5005102,181$650
ELMOSONLINE.COM 11Bid00d 14h 03m$15202,089$1,081
PHOTAUDIOGRAPHY.COM 15Bid00d 14h 22m$12002,041$389
ROUGHDIAMONDSNETWORK.COM 20Bid02d 14h 24m$12002,040$1,065
ROBINSONLIBRARY.COM 15Bid04d 16h 54m$1,0514102,028$1,184
HERESJOHNNYHMM.COM 14Bid03d 17h 13m$12001,920$642
GDCTANAKPUR.COM 11Bid01d 16h 26m$12001,910$226
VESUVIOEXPRESS.INFO 14Bid00d 12h 43m$21401,901$3
PORNO-3.NET 7Bid02d 17h 15m$27501,891$33
MUDDEKINEWS.COM 11Bid07d 14h 06m$12001,890$569
OCEANBEACHROASTERSBISTRO.COM 24Bid08d 14h 20m$12001,882$417
TOFRIV.COM 6Bid08d 14h 27m$10141,834$1,377
CATCHLONGPORT.COM 13Bid08d 14h 49m$12001,820$1,226
BAMTOKI20.COM 9Bid08d 15h 02m$12001,814$0
THEPUPPYPLAN.COM 12Bid04d 14h 49m$2251501,807$1,188
READMANGAFREE.COM 13Bid06d 12h 31m$15221,790$1,197
BONGSADOGOO.COM 11Bid09d 16h 43m$12021,790$470
AMBERRHAE.COM 9Bid04d 13h 59m$12001,770$705
BATUGOTRAVEL.COM 12Bid07d 17h 36m$12001,710$784
PERFORMREMEDIES.COM 15Bid08d 13h 01m$12001,710$1,253
BLOGGINGWITHROBIN.COM 17Bid08d 14h 59m$12001,710$578
SEASONOFCHOICES.COM 15Bid03d 13h 43m$12001,680$1,054
FLYFISHERSPIRIT.COM 15Bid05d 17h 13m$12101,680$772
BENIDORMVIVE.COM 12Bid06d 16h 47m$10141,662$887
NAROSTY.COM 7Bid-1d 15h 18m$20301,656$1,135
LOJAMERICNAS.COM 12Bid01d 14h 26m$12001,653$283
CULTIVODEPECES.COM 14Bid06d 15h 25m$12001,636$646
THENUBIANCROWN.COM 14Bid-1d 13h 07m$12001,620$793
HILLSBD.COM 7Bid07d 14h 48m$12001,620$1,273
UNJUNKIEFIED.COM 12Bid02d 13h 23m$10101,613$492
PCANDELECTRONICS.COM 16Bid01d 13h 37m$12101,590$1,135
REVOLUCIONCC.ORG 12Bid04d 17h 15m$12001,560$450
MEDIALOGAM.COM 10Bid08d 16h 26m$12001,560$1,199
YOURTRUEBLUE.COM 12Bid00d 16h 36m$20301,539$1,431
RESHIT.NET 6Bid04d 12h 51m$10101,537$768
NAYSNAPOLITAINES.COM 16Bid04d 15h 29m$12001,530$148
MAKESOMETHINGDIFFERENT.COM 22Bid00d 14h 31m$12001,500$1,224
GUANGHANDLING.COM 13Bid03d 15h 55m$12001,500$820
SHANNONCLARKFITNESS.COM 19Bid07d 16h 16m$12001,500$417
STORAGECITYDOTLIVE.COM 18Bid-1d 16h 51m$15201,495$230
ILMUBUDAYA.COM 10Bid00d 16h 36m$15201,483$462
FARRARSFUNFAIRS.COM 15Bid08d 15h 28m$12001,478$402
KIMCARTOON.BIZ 10Bid05d 14h 20m$10141,473$23
HIPHOPEMDIA.COM 11Bid08d 17h 46m$12001,444$454
INXPORN.COM 7Bid01d 16h 17m$10101,433$1,430
ALLCOSMETICSWHOLESALE.COM 21Bid05d 15h 58m$4041301,419$1,255
INTHEBUNKERGOLF.COM 15Bid01d 17h 50m$12001,410$1,023
NECTARWORKS.CO 11Bid01d 13h 38m$12001,410$3
OSUSCLUB.COM 8Bid01d 16h 47m$12001,410$1,248
NOTUNKNOWN.COM 10Bid03d 14h 55m$12001,410$1,272
LVAUTOSOLUTIONS.COM 15Bid06d 13h 51m$12001,410$371
BASELESGOELANDS.COM 15Bid05d 16h 05m$12101,397$529
MOHANSRESORT.COM 12Bid01d 15h 24m$10131,393$1,271
EMILYBCUMMINS.COM 13Bid-1d 14h 09m$12001,380$339
THE-CHANGING-OF-THE-TIMES.COM 25Bid00d 14h 37m$12001,380$53
GOLDOFOPHIR.COM 11Bid02d 14h 01m$12001,380$414
BOYMOMADVENTURES.ORG 16Bid03d 16h 37m$12001,380$523
NOTE-DEALS.COM 10Bid04d 17h 41m$12001,380$814
NIABTQ.COM 6Bid04d 16h 02m$10101,378$0
GAZETADOSBLOGUEIROS.COM 19Bid04d 15h 26m$12001,356$164
MELODDO.COM 7Bid04d 17h 37m$12001,350$1,070
KAFEPIBEACHCLUB.COM 15Bid05d 13h 33m$10141,334$441
UAPOSTERS.COM 9Bid04d 13h 53m$12001,330$1,131
C4ARROWS.COM 8Bid06d 17h 48m$10151,330$1,307
FORTYBET.COM 8Bid08d 13h 57m$12001,329$1,824
NOXDROID.COM 8Bid04d 15h 30m$12001,325$1,409
FUNLTDPNG.COM 9Bid01d 14h 03m$12001,320$185
BALLPLAZA.COM 9Bid00d 14h 29m$12001,320$1,355
ROASTGREETING.COM 13Bid03d 17h 49m$12001,320$1,044
PAYATTENTIONPDX.ORG 15Bid03d 16h 06m$12001,320$334
MENDOTECHMONKEY.COM 15Bid08d 14h 12m$12001,320$430
ALFINALDELTUNEL.INFO 15Bid08d 13h 58m$12001,320$1
IDEATECHNICAL.COM 13Bid02d 14h 30m$10101,309$1,364
LIONIRAN.COM 8Bid03d 14h 37m$10101,308$1,357
PORTALBOATS.COM 11Bid07d 13h 47m$12001,301$1,485
RABUDA.NET 6Bid06d 12h 50m$10101,299$372
ADANASILAJ.COM 10Bid08d 12h 47m$12001,293$117
ASBINDUSTRIALSALESPH.COM 20Bid-1d 15h 22m$12001,290$85
ECUBEDTECH.COM 10Bid-1d 16h 03m$12001,290$760
KHATTAKGAMES.COM 12Bid04d 17h 18m$10101,290$976
IBWEDDING.CO 9Bid07d 15h 48m$12001,290$6
DIGIVYOM.COM 8Bid-1d 13h 55m$12001,260$882
YOUNGSTERSGOTMEDROVE.COM 20Bid00d 14h 40m$12001,260$102
THEREADYSETHOMESCHOOL.COM 21Bid01d 15h 19m$12001,260$439
MYGAMEXP.COM 8Bid03d 14h 19m$12001,260$1,719
POWERYOGAMORGANTOWN.COM 19Bid07d 17h 18m$12001,260$367
KBTNC.COM 5Bid01d 12h 58m$10101,246$1,676
MOVIEYOUSEE.COM 11Bid06d 12h 34m$12111,236$1,231
PIXNAZ.INFO 6Bid03d 15h 17m$10101,233$6
SULFUREUSES.COM 11Bid05d 17h 43m$10101,225$1,001
MUCHOEATS.COM 9Bid04d 16h 03m$10191,221$1,120
MOBILEMOVIES.ME 12Bid06d 14h 26m$10171,214$131
MAALEFASHION.COM 12Bid03d 15h 30m$12001,208$959
CHRISTOPHERSJOURNEYS.COM 20Bid-1d 14h 32m$12001,200$529
BYJAMIELIU.COM 10Bid-1d 13h 22m$10101,200$465
BAPPYARTWORK.COM 12Bid00d 14h 50m$12001,200$300
MOVINGONFAITH.COM 13Bid01d 13h 10m$12001,200$997
CHOCOLATELABCOFFEE.COM 18Bid02d 15h 11m$12001,200$852
THENEWICEAGE.NET 12Bid06d 13h 43m$12001,200$40
DIRADJAFM.COM 9Bid03d 13h 47m$12001,199$290
ADARAKA.COM 7Bid05d 17h 28m$12101,198$1,104
MYHEALTH-FIRST.COM 14Bid01d 13h 17m$12001,187$600
GASTRONOMINHO.COM 13Bid03d 15h 44m$10101,185$644
SEXSLIDESHOW.COM 12Bid02d 16h 42m$10101,182$872
888870.COM 6Bid00d 12h 34m$37701,179$2,390
LISTSANDLAVENDERLATTES.COM 22Bid-1d 16h 02m$12001,170$149
THEESSENTIALTV.COM 14Bid00d 13h 04m$12001,170$1,147
MARKAWEBER.COM 10Bid01d 16h 20m$12001,170$897
PENNYSKITCHENONSPRUCE.COM 21Bid07d 17h 31m$12001,170$306
DEFENDTHEREPUBLIC.ORG 17Bid03d 14h 54m$10111,169$865
W124-ZONE.COM 9Bid08d 13h 55m$101111,165$171
MANIFESTINGWELLNESSSHOW.COM 23Bid06d 17h 49m$12001,161$272
MIUSARTMOSAICS.COM 14Bid00d 14h 43m$10101,159$403
ALLYOURMETRICS.COM 14Bid-1d 14h 26m$12001,152$1,315
CAMJUGS.COM 7Bid03d 17h 09m$10101,141$1,147
SOCALCOUNTRYLIFE.COM 16Bid-1d 13h 42m$12001,140$432
JULIESOCHERPHOTOGRAPHY.COM 22Bid-1d 14h 40m$12001,140$262
GLASGOWSWOON.COM 12Bid03d 13h 15m$12001,140$755
SKIRTAS.COM 7Bid04d 16h 21m$12001,140$1,563
AIKYAH.COM 6Bid06d 15h 21m$12001,140$1,246
ALITTLEOFTHISANDTHAT.COM 20Bid06d 15h 36m$12001,140$217
COVIWONG.COM 8Bid07d 16h 37m$12001,140$1,010
ESCAPEMU.NET 8Bid07d 17h 31m$12001,136$186
SWIMSPRAY.COM 9Bid02d 17h 29m$2554001,134$2,225
KHARID-POSTI.COM 12Bid04d 14h 44m$12001,133$288
MINSKBY.INFO 7Bid06d 16h 52m$10101,132$1
JCOFFEETHAILAND.COM 15Bid05d 14h 32m$10121,128$523
SHOPEMBERANDCO.COM 14Bid08d 13h 12m$12001,119$490
SOLICITAJA.COM 10Bid02d 15h 31m$12001,111$1,321
THATCATHOLICMILLENNIAL.COM 22Bid-1d 17h 10m$12001,110$405
CHILDSPLAYGAMES.COM 15Bid04d 15h 25m$12001,110$1,249
RDECPVTLTD.COM 10Bid07d 16h 30m$12001,110$262
ALLMAHARASHTRADJSCLUB.COM 21Bid04d 14h 31m$12001,105$122
BAYBREEZERESTAURANT.COM 19Bid07d 14h 40m$10141,099$1,032
HEISEYSDINERPA.COM 14Bid04d 12h 54m$10171,088$346
THETHRIFTYKIWI.COM 14Bid08d 17h 03m$12001,081$848
REMOTEWORKWORKOUTS.COM 18Bid-1d 12h 44m$12001,080$1,063
THEBOOZEHOUNDSPROJECT.COM 21Bid02d 16h 56m$12001,080$275
VIRTUALSTEELDESIGNS.COM 19Bid03d 14h 22m$12001,080$724
USTEMPLUS.COM 9Bid00d 14h 44m$12001,050$741
PROESTIMATING.US 13Bid03d 14h 10m$12001,050$3
MENTORBIRMINGHAM.ORG 16Bid04d 14h 37m$12001,050$294
ABUNDANCEMINDS.COM 14Bid07d 16h 04m$12001,050$1,218
THELEXMIRAGLIA.COM 14Bid08d 14h 15m$12001,050$300
ROOTEDRESUMES.COM 13Bid08d 17h 05m$12001,050$1,012
GETLOYALTYPROGRAM.COM 17Bid08d 13h 24m$12001,047$1,208

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Gaining authority with a new website among milions of websites is a tedious work. It demands tremendous amount of time and diligency. It's a time consuming process that does not guarantee return on effort.Research of internet and websites ,indicates that more than 80 percent of all websites get very small or not getting at all traffic from visitors. Also , only 9 percent of all websites are getting traffic from Google. There are paid services that sell you a traffic , but it is costly and not allways efficient. New website means zero backlinks , and no appearance on search engines . So , what about expired domains? There are milions of domains expires everyday.There are various factors for that.Not our concern.Most of expired domains are not so valuable.But, many of them have already built some authority.They can be domains with quality backlinks , aged domains, or even domain that allready are getting some traffic. There are tools on internet that measures the authority of an domain or website.
What can i do with expired domains?
Well , there are several things you can do , depending on your goal.
You can use your expire domains for you business:If you have in mind to start a niche or estore , using a domain with authority or expired domain with niche history , will shorten you road toward you goal.
To create a BPN: PBN is a network of websites used to build links (and therefore pass authority) to a single website for the purpose of manipulating search engine rankings..
Redirect to your website: Expired domains with some history and authority is a good method for redirecting to your new website , because all parameters can be attached to your new domain.
Flip the expired domain:Some expired domains can have a huge value on a marketplace , they can be more attractive to some various facts , and allso more wanted. As a result they can be flipped with high price. There are websites that sale these domain for audiences that are searching these type of domains like Godaddy Marketplace , Sedo or Flippa.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , wich is process of optimization of website for better rankings. To be abple to appear on search engines, engine crawls your website so they have an understanding for what about is your websirte. Then SE determines wether and wich place your website should appear on SERP based on domains authority and other parameters.If users search match the topic of your website , your domain appears somewhere on the list of search engine.

Domain Length: Domain Length: importance of the domain length relies on the fact that shorter domains are more memorable, hence would be more attractive to users to click to url domains, it is important on user expertise. A domain name with long domains are hard to remember. Most popular domains are between 6-14 characters. Example, the domain name "" (4 letters) is more likely to be remembered from another longer domain (17 letters)
Domain name extension:No doubt that, .com extension is most used and valuable domain extension. They are also more popular. After .com , .net and .org are also in common use . But, for some reason , you may want to consider different extension , like an example .ai or .tech if yor business is related to games , coding or technology and others.
Domain age:Age of the domains is very crucial to SEO as search engines consider the age of the domain important for ranking. Older domains have a much higher authority.
Godaddy Valuation: There are few websites that calculate value on domain name base on some criteria like traffic, authority, and so on, like Estibot or Godaddy Valuation. We display value of a domain or website with data taken from Godaddy Valuation Tool.
Backlinks: The most significant metric for Domain in SEO, with no doubt is the number of quality backlinks. They are like a vote for confidence given to domain from other authority websites. If domain or website has many good backlinks then search engines can infer that content is worth linking, and also worth appearing in the surface on SERP. We have a direct link to some backlink checkers like Majestic, so it can be checked the TF and CF metricsit We are also working for adding new metrics and updates to our list of expired domains .
Traffic:Some Expired Domains Names have traffic even they appear to be expired. But , the exact data for traffic is hard to find. We display data taken from Godaddy.

How to find the best expired domain with this website? Best expired domain is a domain name that matches your goal: business or other intention, simultaneously with your budget. Usually, it can be a domain with keywords or brandable domain. One thing you can do is search your domain by typing your main keyword, so it displays only these domains. As it is seen on the table list, you can sort domains by different metrics. Afterwards, you need to analyze the SEO of that domain. By doing that, you can determine the authority of that domain name. If you are still unconvinced, I prefer you to do some research for SEO websites. In auction can participate only members of Godaddy. Therefore, you need to login, or register to website. Let say that you decided which domain to buy. What's next? The expired domains from Godaddy Auctions are listed in various types like:Bids, Offer , BuyNow or Offer with BuyNow. If your domain list type is bid; you need to be the highest bidder in order to get the domain name. Domains with traffic data given , are likely to go on auction with bid.(Type of list is shown on table.) Closeouts domains are cheap domain with some value that are available to buy with fix price, shown in table as BuyNow list type. When you search your domain, try all sections like: With Traffic, Closeouts, Most Active or Featured Expired. Some expired domains are more popular and requested, then others, simultaneously they are most Bidded and most wanted. As a result, they are sold more expensive and the price can get up to 50 000$. You can find these domains in the Most Active section. If you need some recommendation, then, featured expired section , lists all best and specific expired domains, in various auctions and prices. Good Luck!

We can not garantee that data provided in our table is %100 correct. But, we can ensure that all information displayed in our table is taken from trusted sources like: Godaddy , Majestic or Alexa.

You should check history of domain!
Many domains with age provides excellent oppurtunities for developers.But, is best to check for their history. Best tool to check domain history is The WayBack Machine.There you can find some information for website or domain like, for what once used the domain.Some belonged to old web companies , or great development teams , wich can be a good sign for domains with authority. Some domains may have a bad reputation in the past ,so it may affect present authority.
Check if domain is probaly banned from Google.
Google has its own policy and terms of service when indexing , ranking and crawling websites. If some websites/domains violates google's policy , then there is a big chances that website to be banned from Google.There are some website tools that check if domain/website is banned , but be careful when you check because they can give you a wrong answer. Is hard to check if domain is realy banned from Google, but there is a least chance for domain to be banned with no reason.
Beware of Scammers!
There are scammers evrywhere!Scammers intend to use expired domains for their scaming schemes. Often, they reactivate old wellknown websites to scam their old customers and steal their presonal data.There are blogs and websites that alert audience if there is such a thing.

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