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Domain Auction Auction Ends Price Bids Age Traffic Value
THEBIGFIVECOMPANY.COM Bid06d 01h 25m$100180156,360$904
SORECEITAS.ORG Bid05d 02h 14m$1058063,370$331
CUTYDOLL.COM Bid08d 04h 07m$303021,185$1,044
CLUBYED.COM Bid08d 04h 16m$121019,011$1,163
VIRALTEAM.NET Bid00d 05h 56m$5510017,147$495
DICASS.ORG Bid08d 03h 40m$120012,126$894
DEZDIGITALMARKETING.COM Bid03d 03h 45m$121010,953$602
MADHOUSEWIFECELLARS.COM Bid04d 01h 27m$21129010,290$500
GUDANGVIDEOBOKEP.ORG Bid00d 05h 51m$667010,232$335
KDRUSSELL.NET Bid04d 01h 46m$12109,570$37
BUBBSTOP.COM Bid04d 04h 26m$15209,090$1,213
MM88OFFICE.COM Bid04d 00h 42m$17208,975$924
GOTRAFFIC.INFO Bid06d 02h 20m$10108,636$26
VARPORN.COM Bid08d 02h 28m$12108,356$1,414
PROJETOEMAGRECIMENTO.COM Bid04d 04h 38m$30307,810$1,241
QUICKCHEAPFOOD.COM Bid06d 01h 29m$12007,800$1,034
KIVIMAG.COM Bid04d 04h 41m$10107,693$1,195
TRAVELGEMSBLOG.COM Bid03d 02h 33m$12007,590$544
MAGSTARCAP.COM Bid06d 03h 14m$12007,440$412
TUB99.COM Bid05d 05h 47m$1412706,699$3,730
HEMPCOOKIECOMPANY.COM Bid05d 00h 57m$12006,420$688
HAGAXU.COM Bid02d 02h 49m$10106,193$1,110
ETHERESPA.NET Bid04d 01h 41m$12006,150$91
SHOPPINGDASPECAS.COM Bid02d 00h 58m$30306,140$439
UBAMTEAMBLOOM.COM Bid04d 00h 54m$10105,820$198
BURBANKSCHOOLSBOOSTERS.COM Bid07d 01h 26m$12005,820$273
SCAMCALLERNUMBER.COM Bid03d 02h 36m$30305,696$308
LG-KHOSHNAW.COM Bid08d 01h 09m$12065,523$0
LUPONSCHOOLOFFISHERIES.COM Bid06d 02h 21m$12005,490$69
VIRTUALEDUCAANDINA.ORG Bid03d 05h 49m$25505,396$48
EPICENTROAMERICA.COM Bid06d 00h 54m$12105,370$940
EMILYROBBB.COM Bid03d 01h 16m$12005,160$581
ESPIRITUFARMHOUSE.COM Bid07d 05h 47m$12005,160$985
GRIVORYTECHNOLOGIES.COM Bid07d 04h 33m$12005,160$493
SOLOCAMINOGIRL.COM Bid05d 04h 09m$12005,040$502
WILDSOULSPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Bid05d 01h 26m$12005,040$840
CHAKRABRACELETSNOW.COM Bid08d 03h 50m$12005,010$638
NORDICCOFFEECULTURE.COM Bid05d 04h 58m$3265904,827$1,512
SEEKGRAM.COM Bid04d 06h 00m$12004,770$1,531
THISDAYCOUNTS.NET Bid07d 01h 53m$12004,710$95
MARRIEDMYCOUSIN.COM Bid08d 01h 20m$12004,710$1,043
SPOTLESSHOMECLEANERS.COM Bid06d 01h 16m$12004,650$562
GARYKORAT.COM Bid09d 03h 02m$12004,620$951
ARYJ-TR.COM Bid04d 04h 45m$12004,530$0
CELEBRITYMARRIED.COM Bid08d 00h 54m$12004,442$1,190
XVIDSTAGE.COM Bid01d 02h 26m$30504,372$1,237
LIZINRUNDERLAND.COM Bid04d 02h 48m$12004,350$191
THEWOODENPANDA.COM Bid06d 02h 41m$12004,200$1,068
MADRAMBLER.COM Bid03d 01h 45m$12004,170$1,127
TREND2WEAR.COM Bid00d 05h 32m$4654604,151$1,517
B-STRONG.ORG Bid06d 04h 30m$12004,140$208
RADFOXCLOTHING.COM Bid07d 05h 20m$12004,140$655
YESSIRMILLER.ORG Bid08d 03h 46m$12004,020$305
COMOSABERSII.COM Bid09d 02h 21m$12004,004$593
SCOTTPROPERTYMANAGEMENTTX.COM Bid03d 05h 53m$12003,960$107
REDCUPCOLLEGESPORTS.COM Bid05d 03h 40m$12003,930$690
TRUCLAIMGLOBAL.COM Bid05d 04h 47m$12103,930$503
KIRASCUSTOMDESIGN.COM Bid08d 04h 59m$12003,900$643
BOOSTYOURCURVE.COM Bid03d 05h 38m$12103,840$1,327
THEDAILYTALK.NET Bid07d 02h 01m$12003,840$231
HEYTHEREDELILAH.NET Bid09d 02h 28m$12003,780$148
NOMADICOUPLE.COM Bid06d 05h 41m$12003,750$667
AROUNDFORTYIROIRO.COM Bid04d 01h 21m$12003,720$293
MOMONMACROS.COM Bid07d 03h 56m$12003,720$807
NEONDESERT.BIZ Bid07d 03h 00m$12003,720$3
PRODUCTPASSIONISTA.COM Bid08d 04h 59m$12003,690$631
SYDNEYSTORM.COM Bid03d 01h 23m$12103,630$1,157
FIREINTHEPINES.COM Bid04d 03h 34m$12003,600$1,196
NASIBY-QISMETAK.COM Bid04d 03h 07m$12003,570$0
OFFERWWW.COM Bid05d 02h 47m$30503,551$1,761
JUKEEDOODLES.COM Bid05d 00h 56m$15203,547$790
STONEHAVENHOA.ORG Bid03d 03h 40m$12003,510$331
HAGAIANDM.COM Bid09d 01h 35m$12003,510$754
EVERYWOMANISADIVA.COM Bid04d 04h 33m$12003,480$423
MARTINISTAFF.COM Bid06d 03h 19m$12103,480$1,118
ALSGADGETSHOP.COM Bid07d 04h 47m$12003,480$1,056
5-MINUTE-NUCLEAR.COM Bid05d 03h 18m$12003,450$241
LIMEMECHANICSATL.COM Bid03d 03h 59m$12003,450$269
BREAKINGBORED.ORG Bid09d 05h 19m$12003,450$314
PREPAENTRESMESES.COM Bid00d 03h 44m$551003,444$394
ELTMZM80.COM Bid05d 02h 24m$12003,420$0
BONAVICH.COM Bid04d 02h 35m$12003,390$1,071
SMARTENERGYQATAR.COM Bid09d 03h 55m$12003,360$590
BLOGDOWILRISMAR.COM Bid07d 04h 45m$12003,340$0
ANGELINAOFGEORGIA.NET Bid05d 01h 46m$12003,330$22
DATINGRARE.COM Bid08d 05h 53m$12003,330$1,425
SHIPPVIRTUALSOLUTIONS.COM Bid08d 03h 49m$12003,300$260
NOTICIASDEZAMBOANGA.COM Bid06d 02h 20m$12003,270$503
PARENTSLIBRESGUIDE.COM Bid08d 05h 41m$12003,270$599
PUJALOVEFRIENDSHIP.COM Bid02d 01h 23m$30413,259$563
OUTCASTIMPROVEMENT.COM Bid04d 00h 58m$12003,240$1,013
AUTISMADVICEONLINE.COM Bid06d 02h 42m$12003,210$823
REBADOUGHTY.COM Bid07d 02h 42m$12003,210$623
LITTLESWITCHES.COM Bid08d 01h 29m$12003,210$1,137
BEINGBALDOVINO.COM Bid08d 02h 01m$12003,210$575
PARAMOUNTPIZZA1.COM Bid05d 03h 02m$305103,200$592
KELVINMWITA.COM Bid09d 03h 20m$12003,188$354
THESAPPHIREOWL.COM Bid03d 04h 47m$12003,180$726
TATAZW.COM Bid08d 02h 58m$12103,093$1,139
BLOCKCHAIN-SCHOOL.ORG Bid05d 03h 44m$12003,030$686
ABOVEDIGIT.COM Bid03d 04h 54m$12003,000$1,282
ZINKHD.COM Bid07d 05h 44m$12102,974$2,599
SUBLIMELIFEPROJECT.COM Bid03d 02h 59m$12002,970$567
HELLOLESLIEVILLE.COM Bid08d 04h 55m$12002,970$761
ALFREDOFITNESSTRAINER.COM Bid04d 06h 03m$12002,940$461
TIPSOMTEBESPAREN.COM Bid08d 04h 50m$12002,939$771
BBEWJ.COM Bid07d 01h 52m$12002,910$441
EPICMENTALITY.COM Bid09d 00h 56m$12002,910$1,250
PEARLOFAFRICAYOUTH.ORG Bid09d 04h 54m$12002,910$291
TARHEELIP.COM Bid01d 02h 13m$12002,850$1,212
EMPEROR-PENGUIN.NET Bid04d 03h 26m$12002,850$10
TOMMCOMM.ORG Bid03d 05h 30m$12002,850$304
NICOLETTEGRIESE.COM Bid05d 02h 56m$12002,760$491
DREAMSMANIFESTED.NET Bid04d 03h 17m$12002,760$15
CELEBRATEPUBERTYINC.ORG Bid07d 01h 28m$12002,760$173
ALLMYSCARS.COM Bid08d 02h 12m$12002,760$1,174
MESSYGRACEBLOG.COM Bid08d 04h 39m$12002,760$556
GUDANGLAGU.INFO Bid00d 01h 11m$10102,750$21
RUNNINGONDREAMS.COM Bid06d 04h 25m$12002,730$1,049
NADINESDELIGHTS.COM Bid05d 05h 40m$12002,730$688
THESPIRITUALSQUARE.COM Bid06d 01h 56m$12002,730$1,006
BORINGAWAY.COM Bid06d 02h 30m$12002,730$1,255
JWCFIJI.COM Bid03d 05h 44m$12002,700$676
THESABBATHMENU.COM Bid06d 03h 35m$12002,700$1,068
REGENERATECOLLECTIVE.COM Bid08d 03h 23m$12002,700$1,340
LA-REGENERATION.COM Bid00d 02h 32m$12002,670$639
MUDFLOWERSIGNS.COM Bid04d 01h 40m$12002,670$582
MYCANINEACADEMY.COM Bid08d 02h 16m$12102,670$1,208
RAMADANOFFICIAL.COM Bid01d 04h 48m$15202,657$1,154
BUTTERFLYKNOWLEDGE.COM Bid07d 03h 02m$12002,640$1,187
7OGOZATMASR.COM Bid09d 02h 47m$12002,640$0
GAMESBY.NET Bid07d 04h 53m$12102,614$423
GURUNANAKDARBARNC.COM Bid03d 04h 47m$12002,610$302
SENSIBLEWIFE.COM Bid05d 01h 23m$12002,610$1,165
NERVOUSNAVIGATOR.COM Bid04d 01h 50m$12002,610$1,181
MTGINSIDER.COM Bid03d 03h 43m$12002,610$1,427
UMARKET.INFO Bid02d 05h 20m$12002,588$124
CREATIVEADVOCACY.ORG Bid05d 04h 07m$12002,580$628
THATTRAVELGIRL.COM Bid04d 03h 23m$12002,580$1,037
KIASTEST.COM Bid08d 02h 11m$12002,580$1,194
THEBRAZILMEDIA.COM Bid08d 02h 27m$12002,580$1,147
TICKETSHOPALBUFEIRA.COM Bid04d 04h 34m$12002,550$430
MYUKWEALTH.COM Bid07d 01h 07m$12002,550$645
BLUEFEAT.ORG Bid09d 05h 20m$12002,550$495
THATNERDYGIRL.COM Bid03d 05h 32m$12002,520$1,109
BRICKNSAND.COM Bid04d 05h 32m$12002,520$1,034
UZONARECORD.COM Bid06d 01h 29m$12002,490$460
DRIVEWAYMOTORING.COM Bid06d 03h 18m$12002,490$1,284
TALONGRABBARS.COM Bid09d 04h 55m$12002,490$968
TORVATWINS.COM Bid09d 03h 48m$12002,490$691
STORMCITYGH.COM Bid00d 01h 13m$10102,477$412
SUNDANCEGOLFMN.COM Bid08d 06h 09m$15262,477$615
TOO-CENTS.COM Bid04d 02h 51m$12002,460$780
FEM-N-U.COM Bid04d 00h 56m$12002,460$0
LINDSEYHKRIEGER.COM Bid06d 02h 39m$12002,460$257
BESTGYMKIT.COM Bid06d 02h 24m$12102,460$1,083
NETPCONLINE.COM Bid06d 01h 10m$12002,455$877
GIAMONAE.COM Bid07d 05h 06m$12002,439$851
NORTHERNLIGHTS-VR.COM Bid05d 02h 33m$12002,430$419
HEALSTORE.INFO Bid09d 04h 05m$12002,430$12
MCFAEXPRESS.COM Bid06d 04h 31m$12102,411$428
TUNISSTORY.COM Bid06d 05h 51m$12002,400$1,029
GUIDINGEMPOWERMENT.COM Bid02d 05h 29m$12002,400$1,058
DIS-ENCHANTEDTRAVEL.COM Bid06d 01h 27m$12002,400$165
NAMASTASTICEATING.COM Bid07d 06h 02m$12002,400$193
GREENREADINGS.COM Bid03d 04h 09m$22302,384$1,279
TUBEGOPORN.COM Bid05d 03h 32m$721402,378$803
SAPPHIREOWL.COM Bid03d 05h 53m$12002,370$1,224
ZANEANDWYLIES.COM Bid05d 03h 39m$10102,370$313
WZRDISLAND.COM Bid03d 04h 06m$12002,370$498
BURNDUST.COM Bid08d 02h 33m$12002,370$1,289
FARRAHDAVIS.COM Bid08d 05h 55m$12002,370$817
MILLENNIALSGUIDETOWEALTH.COM Bid06d 05h 07m$12002,340$491
TASKSDONE4U.COM Bid04d 04h 31m$12002,340$502
DESIGNEDKARMA.COM Bid05d 04h 16m$12002,340$1,067
GOSANGO.NET Bid06d 01h 18m$12002,340$184
DPGRIFFITHBAILBONDSLLC.COM Bid08d 01h 39m$12002,340$151
MAMAOFTHREEBOYS.COM Bid03d 03h 23m$10102,310$576
BETHANYBAPTISTAVA.COM Bid09d 04h 55m$12002,310$473
ANJADIRECTCARGO.COM Bid03d 03h 31m$12002,280$391
THEAMANDAMEADE.COM Bid05d 01h 27m$12002,280$534
TIDWELLLAKES.COM Bid04d 05h 01m$12002,250$964
BAPPYLAND.COM Bid04d 01h 06m$12002,250$532
HOPEINTHEWILDERNESS.NET Bid03d 02h 34m$12002,250$355
BEAUTYMORE-SPA.COM Bid05d 04h 12m$12002,250$327
THEORIGINALCATSTORE.COM Bid07d 05h 53m$12002,250$859
CLASSICFIGURINES.COM Bid09d 01h 10m$12002,250$994
MILIMAKER.COM Bid09d 04h 02m$12002,250$1,275
PROSOLUTIONS365.COM Bid03d 03h 46m$12002,220$1,054
HOMESWITHHEARTH.COM Bid06d 04h 25m$12002,220$1,017
AWATCHFULNEIGHBOR.BIZ Bid06d 01h 54m$12002,220$1
TYLERANSDESIGNS.COM Bid06d 05h 24m$12002,220$393
CONSULTORESLP.COM Bid08d 00h 43m$12002,220$766
SKADOOM.COM Bid09d 01h 55m$12002,220$1,061
CHRYMO.COM Bid09d 05h 13m$12002,220$1,220
THETHOUGHTBUTTERFLY.COM Bid04d 04h 20m$12002,190$697
THEMIDDLECLOSETCOM.COM Bid03d 01h 51m$12002,190$394

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