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Domain Length Auction AuctionEnds Price Bids Age Traffic Value
ANI2WATCH.ME 9Bid08d 00h 32m$1200102,212$11
SHADOWAVE.COM 9Bid02d 19h 16m$11521084,034$1,857
COLORBANDITS.COM 12Bid05d 20h 17m$120044,292$1,250
TIMESEARCHNOW.COM 13Bid06d 23h 03m$120038,592$1,200
ATHOMEMX.COM 8Bid05d 23h 10m$152035,332$1,144
VIDEOSROBADOS.COM 13Bid07d 23h 38m$120030,001$845
XXXPORNBABZ.COM 11Bid04d 00h 09m$30516024,578$172
BOXPACKMOVE.COM 11Bid08d 21h 22m$120024,205$952
DWATCHSERIES.ORG 12Bid04d 21h 50m$101018,015$2,037
SGLONELYGUYS.ORG 12Bid01d 20h 18m$121010,102$265
SKYSBBS.COM 7Bid02d 19h 13m$10109,794$1,256
NEWS24SEVENBD.COM 13Bid04d 21h 46m$12009,540$107
ELIASTECH.INFO 9Bid03d 21h 34m$12008,421$2
XN--HYDRA2WE-7R9C.COM 17Bid-1d 20h 51m$10108,191$0
TNVIDEOS.NET 8Bid04d 23h 45m$10106,800$195
RDXHD.ME 5Bid00d 22h 51m$10106,734$21
RUS-NOVOSTI.NET 11Bid08d 23h 28m$12006,350$51
LESVERTAMERICAN.COM 15Bid01d 00h 32m$10106,090$663
IPOISEFASHION.COM 13Bid08d 21h 56m$12005,916$553
ISTANBULRP.COM 10Bid01d 23h 16m$12005,476$621
SSC-SERVICES.NET 12Bid05d 00h 16m$10105,270$90
POSITIVELYPROGRESSING.COM 21Bid03d 22h 44m$12005,220$861
VICTORIAROM.COM 11Bid05d 19h 43m$10105,140$974
SHARDAWIRE.COM 10Bid03d 00h 37m$12004,861$830
TRUEFOODREVOLUTION.COM 18Bid00d 23h 57m$12004,800$1,060
PAYESBASKETBALLCLUB.COM 19Bid08d 22h 03m$12004,800$764
HT3028.COM 6Bid07d 00h 05m$12004,718$0
HOT-MILK.NET 8Bid04d 19h 56m$10104,634$449
54FX.COM 4Bid08d 23h 21m$12004,611$1,500
NETIMAGES.NET 9Bid02d 00h 04m$12004,522$794
CERITALESBIAN.COM 13Bid06d 00h 20m$10104,504$1,194
FREEVECTORARCHIVE.COM 17Bid03d 20h 50m$801504,478$886
BAILESDESALON-ALFONSOPEREZ.COM 26Bid06d 23h 20m$12004,320$4
BAMLINEAPPS.COM 11Bid02d 20h 27m$12004,290$453
LIVINGINOURWORLD.COM 16Bid06d 19h 20m$12004,260$1,083
PARKERSPOINT.ORG 12Bid01d 23h 02m$12004,080$147
TOPAMATEURFORUM.COM 15Bid02d 22h 11m$15204,050$820
SPOTLIGHTFORALL.ORG 15Bid05d 19h 50m$12004,020$266
UPDSALUMNI.COM 10Bid02d 19h 47m$12003,960$534
OXFORDIV2019.COM 12Bid05d 22h 02m$12003,720$218
LOVEISTHEANCHOR.COM 15Bid05d 00h 24m$12003,660$1,159
VOLUNTEERRECOVERY.COM 17Bid05d 21h 04m$12003,600$1,407
YUVALATIAS.COM 10Bid07d 23h 05m$12003,600$469
SIGNALSIXTECHNOLOGIES.COM 21Bid03d 23h 42m$12003,570$505
LATINCOLORSMAG.COM 14Bid06d 23h 09m$12003,570$421
HAPPILYEVERWOODS.COM 16Bid04d 00h 37m$12003,540$686
MR-JATT.COM 7Bid08d 19h 34m$12003,510$4,337
NAVIGATION-NETWORK.COM 18Bid07d 20h 12m$12003,430$911
TITKI.NET 5Bid07d 19h 40m$12003,385$189
XIVCRAFTINGGUIDE.COM 16Bid08d 22h 35m$12003,275$563
NCSSHELTERS.COM 11Bid04d 19h 40m$10103,231$760
SCHNARFDOG.COM 10Bid-1d 22h 56m$12003,180$0
B10PR24ONX.COM 10Bid-1d 22h 42m$15203,177$0
BAIXARMUSICASGRATISBR.COM 21Bid06d 23h 39m$12003,172$321
IMODOWNLOAD.NET 11Bid02d 20h 05m$12003,135$282
JEREMYMCKAYJR.COM 13Bid06d 00h 03m$12003,060$370
SKACHEK.NET 7Bid07d 19h 44m$12003,042$222
APPS-ACH.NET 8Bid08d 20h 36m$12003,000$41
GROWINGTHEGRIEVES.COM 17Bid05d 21h 08m$12002,970$631
KARMASRESORT.COM 12Bid07d 23h 29m$12002,970$1,240
PILIPINASKALAPATICLOCKING.COM 25Bid08d 22h 58m$12002,941$6
CLOUDSINMYCOFFEEBLOG.COM 20Bid06d 23h 40m$12002,850$268
LOCALBESTBUDS.COM 13Bid07d 20h 55m$12002,820$1,094
SOOOSOG.COM 7Bid06d 19h 57m$12002,798$873
ROYALHOMESCHOOLMOMBLOG.COM 22Bid02d 19h 45m$12102,790$181
HUGGINTHECURVES.COM 15Bid06d 00h 36m$12002,790$292
MAESTROELIECER.COM 14Bid07d 20h 21m$12002,790$495
FIRST-HAND-MATCHES.COM 18Bid06d 19h 41m$12002,788$128
JAISHANTHIGEARS.COM 15Bid02d 23h 08m$12002,764$126
SHININGSTRENGTH.COM 15Bid06d 23h 09m$12002,730$1,264
TOP-TOR.ORG 7Bid02d 21h 43m$10102,715$356
MELANINONMYMIND.COM 15Bid03d 22h 08m$12002,640$527
INDOBALITRAVELS.COM 15Bid05d 21h 37m$12002,640$608
MOMMYBABYADVENTURES.COM 19Bid06d 20h 14m$12002,640$859
WINDINGROADSUNSEEN.COM 18Bid00d 22h 03m$12002,610$411
THESPIRITGENE.COM 13Bid03d 19h 55m$12002,610$1,045
MEIRANAMIT.COM 10Bid07d 19h 44m$12002,610$412
FPORNO365.COM 9Bid06d 21h 14m$12002,576$812
BECCAPINCOCK.COM 12Bid06d 21h 06m$12002,550$255
MAGIFA.COM 6Bid02d 20h 54m$12102,525$1,484
SCIENCODING.COM 11Bid-1d 19h 48m$12002,520$1,113
FARCRYFLUTES.COM 12Bid02d 22h 21m$12002,520$917
ALLINIT.NET 7Bid06d 00h 32m$12002,490$1,082
ILIKETHEFOODS.COM 13Bid07d 22h 25m$12002,490$1,075
DREAMJOBMASTERCLASS.COM 19Bid07d 19h 36m$12002,490$643
ALMUSHAHED.COM 10Bid05d 23h 51m$12002,480$401
JAKEWILE.COM 8Bid06d 20h 53m$12002,460$894
NJ30DAYCLOSE.COM 12Bid00d 19h 31m$12002,430$106
SENDESOHBET.COM 11Bid01d 21h 52m$12002,418$660
TAYLORESS.COM 9Bid07d 21h 17m$12002,370$995
SKYLAKEVIEWRESORT.COM 17Bid08d 20h 47m$12002,362$969
CONTRACT-MANUFACTURING-INDEX.COM 28Bid-1d 20h 13m$12002,340$317
DH5CONSULTING.COM 13Bid02d 21h 54m$12002,340$189
CAROLINELYN.COM 11Bid08d 19h 18m$12002,340$820
BRACQUEOFFICIAL.COM 15Bid02d 22h 50m$12002,310$359
MICHAELMEER.ORG 11Bid02d 20h 11m$12002,310$266
BANDERSNATCHBOOK.COM 16Bid04d 00h 10m$12002,310$396
GENTLEMANSGARDEN.COM 16Bid05d 23h 13m$12002,310$1,209
THEEMERALDLINING.COM 16Bid07d 22h 03m$12002,310$1,038
MYESSENTIALLIFESTYLE.COM 20Bid03d 19h 29m$12002,280$1,123
GHIBLIHK2019.COM 12Bid05d 23h 45m$12002,280$0
PANDAMIN.COM 8Bid00d 23h 13m$12002,250$1,312
LITTLECROWNKUWAIT.COM 17Bid00d 19h 39m$12002,220$343
MERIMBULASOCIALDANCE.COM 20Bid01d 20h 13m$12002,220$423
PUBLICIDADVALE.COM 14Bid05d 23h 44m$12002,220$1,014
ONSTREAMING.NET 11Bid00d 21h 14m$10102,210$946
CRAFTINGE.COM 9Bid04d 19h 48m$10102,190$1,415
DABBLEMOMMY.COM 11Bid07d 20h 46m$12002,190$811
BLUEMOONSAVANNAHTOURS.COM 21Bid04d 20h 22m$12002,160$218
THECOSTUMEPLAYERS.COM 17Bid07d 19h 20m$12002,160$941
OYPLOSREYES.COM 11Bid03d 22h 45m$12002,130$136
ROSEYVEGAN.COM 10Bid02d 21h 34m$12002,130$1,125
TRAVELTHRULIFE.COM 14Bid05d 22h 31m$12002,130$1,043
CASTCASHMAGIC.COM 13Bid06d 23h 55m$12002,130$917
RJRODRIGUEZ.US 11Bid-1d 23h 43m$12002,100$1
WEEKLYWELCOMEMAT.COM 16Bid03d 22h 33m$12002,070$553
JERSEYSHOREHAPPYHOURS.COM 21Bid-1d 19h 24m$12002,040$95
QUIRKBLOG.COM 9Bid01d 20h 28m$12002,010$1,415
FREEDREAMSENTASIA.COM 17Bid01d 22h 34m$12002,010$240
KELSEYEMURRAY.COM 13Bid02d 22h 44m$12002,010$431
POUR-UFEMME.COM 11Bid04d 23h 44m$12002,010$268
THEMERKIT.COM 9Bid06d 23h 19m$12002,010$1,251
LIEYOU26.COM 8Bid06d 00h 18m$10102,007$773
CR8CARE.COM 7Bid00d 20h 06m$12001,980$976
VOLTACOMMUNICATIONS.NET 19Bid07d 19h 48m$12001,980$25
DISCIPLESHIPMASTERY.COM 19Bid08d 22h 54m$12001,980$913
GRANDAVENUERESURFACING.COM 22Bid-1d 19h 45m$12001,950$568
FARMHOUSETOFARMHOME.COM 19Bid01d 22h 40m$12001,950$643
IMPACTFILMFESTIVAL.US 18Bid06d 23h 03m$12001,950$2
INDOHOOKER.COM 10Bid08d 23h 35m$12001,943$1,071
APPFLASH.MOBI 8Bid03d 22h 01m$10101,928$2
KINGWILLIAMOFROSEBUD.COM 20Bid01d 20h 37m$12001,920$167
PRISCILLACAMPBELL.COM 17Bid06d 22h 42m$12001,903$798
IGNITE-FLYFF.COM 12Bid-1d 19h 55m$10101,899$314
CILIBAO.NET 7Bid07d 20h 29m$12001,897$580
THEDAILYBUZZBLOG.COM 16Bid01d 19h 29m$12001,890$303
HSSLEVENTSPLAN.COM 14Bid05d 20h 58m$12001,890$121
CHINA-DECO.COM 10Bid02d 21h 26m$12001,837$1,025
TIFFANYRJ.COM 9Bid03d 20h 36m$12001,830$807
THEINVESTINGLOON.COM 16Bid03d 00h 21m$10101,805$559
COMICSALTERNATIVE.COM 17Bid00d 22h 46m$3435001,800$1,184
DECONSTRUCTINGADDICTIONS.COM 24Bid00d 20h 48m$12001,800$481
FBA-MEXICO-JOURNEY.COM 18Bid04d 00h 11m$12001,800$62
DMD-ELECTRONICS.COM 15Bid08d 22h 13m$12001,800$412
GETMYPOPCORN-NOW.COM 16Bid05d 20h 38m$10101,783$242
COOKIESNCREAMTRANSLATIONS.COM 25Bid01d 21h 33m$10101,770$66
HDKINOMIR.CC 9Bid04d 23h 21m$12001,770$20
SHEMAKESTHEDEAL.COM 15Bid05d 19h 27m$12001,770$1,024
GROOVNT.COM 7Bid02d 21h 02m$12001,759$1,165
MYFAMILYPIX4U.COM 13Bid01d 19h 37m$12001,740$192
REUKNIGHTED09.COM 13Bid04d 22h 48m$12001,740$0
FOURPRINCESSESANDTHECHEESE.COM 26Bid04d 23h 41m$12101,740$223
WORLDOFAUTOPARTS.COM 16Bid06d 19h 13m$12001,740$1,228
THENEEDEDREVIEWS.COM 16Bid07d 00h 01m$12001,740$997
TIZNIT37.COM 8Bid03d 22h 46m$10101,736$0
D1V0ARD.COM 7Bid07d 21h 35m$12001,735$0
APKHACK.MOBI 7Bid03d 19h 59m$12001,731$2
SLENDERGAME.COM 11Bid03d 00h 23m$8306701,716$1,865
ABSTRAWEAR.COM 10Bid05d 22h 58m$10101,711$564
MYAWESOMELIFEMASTERY.COM 20Bid-1d 19h 18m$12001,710$433
AKEVERYDAY.COM 10Bid00d 20h 10m$12001,710$1,261
LAB-507.COM 7Bid05d 19h 51m$12001,710$288
FRUITYSLIMES.BIZ 12Bid05d 20h 05m$12001,710$1
TOPSALESERVICE.COM 14Bid-1d 22h 50m$12001,706$1,028
THEREALMUVA.COM 11Bid01d 22h 19m$12001,680$714
CHILEANDSALT.COM 12Bid07d 21h 22m$12101,680$1,136
COXSBAZARTRIBUNE.COM 16Bid-1d 22h 39m$12001,679$541
JURNALISLAMI.COM 12Bid01d 21h 30m$12101,664$549
MUNDIFY.NET 7Bid00d 00h 21m$12001,650$178
FROMCALMTOCRAZY.COM 15Bid00d 21h 40m$12001,650$503
NADTI.ORG 5Bid01d 21h 31m$12001,650$797
JMARTIN.ORG 7Bid03d 20h 16m$12001,650$1,065
SUNMASSAGE.ORG 10Bid07d 20h 27m$12001,650$1,004
BRAVEHEARTEMPORIUM.COM 18Bid08d 20h 25m$12001,650$874
BUUYOGA.COM 7Bid01d 20h 38m$12001,620$1,166
CLIBANOREPOSTERIA.COM 17Bid01d 20h 41m$12001,620$197
KENNYWHITE.ORG 10Bid06d 19h 43m$12001,620$622
GROGANSOFGLASSON.COM 16Bid09d 00h 08m$12001,604$421
BLOGDORILDOAG.COM 13Bid02d 20h 20m$10101,602$68
VIP-ZENA.COM 8Bid01d 00h 32m$12001,597$342
GLENVIEWDENTALSURGERY.COM 21Bid03d 20h 58m$12001,590$823
CHIROPRACTORLASVEGASNEVADA.COM 26Bid04d 00h 02m$12001,590$44
JAZZIEJEWELRYSHOP.COM 17Bid05d 23h 58m$12001,590$616
SOLOMUJERESMDIRECTORIO.COM 22Bid06d 21h 00m$12001,590$68
BUILTBYACHICK.COM 13Bid09d 00h 00m$12001,590$739
LANDOFTHECLEAN.COM 14Bid00d 00h 00m$12001,560$1,042
MUSICIANSANDGIGS.COM 16Bid07d 23h 22m$12001,560$870
MIRRORFLOOR.ORG 11Bid08d 21h 12m$12001,545$599
SCISMSCHOOL.ORG 11Bid05d 20h 22m$12001,542$401
AFRISATINVESTMENTS.COM 18Bid07d 23h 14m$12001,537$189
MRGAMEGENERATOR.COM 15Bid-1d 19h 43m$12001,530$994
MARCELBAUM.COM 10Bid02d 22h 40m$12001,530$939
TINNHANH247.ORG 11Bid02d 19h 48m$10101,517$483
BONUSESDEALS.COM 12Bid-1d 23h 58m$12001,509$1,319
TREEMAN9621.COM 11Bid07d 20h 50m$12001,508$206
MEVINTAGE.COM 9Bid-1d 19h 28m$12001,500$1,381
FLIPAGE.NET 7Bid01d 19h 54m$12001,500$295
DOGSDAY-BESTSALES.COM 17Bid07d 22h 10m$12001,500$47
BEIGEWHINE.COM 10Bid08d 22h 15m$12001,500$1,107

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