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Domain Length Auction Auction Ends Price Bids Age Traffic Value
HUNKERSUMMIT.COM 12Bid01d 03h 08m$400260698,160$923
FASTFOODFANATICS.COM 16Bid07d 00h 04m$326055,770$1,069
XJBB33.COM 6Bid09d 00h 56m$120016,503$0
SAP-IMG.COM 7Bid03d 04h 45m$254013,934$502
NUNGLESBIAN.COM 11Bid08d 02h 05m$120011,824$606
ROXRON.COM 6Bid00d 02h 47m$6511011,583$1,133
DIVINOSABOR.BIZ 11Bid05d 01h 58m$101011,240$3
LAWZUIT.COM 7Bid00d 04h 14m$356011,010$1,063
ELISE-ESCORT.COM 12Bid03d 04h 26m$120010,247$113
MY-CAR-INSURANCE.INFO 16Bid01d 03h 29m$12009,599$20
SUPERWEALTHTRAINING.COM 19Bid00d 00h 00m$1152009,300$688
BUYEMEN.NET 7Bid09d 00h 14m$12009,091$197
WALKFORELIJAH.ORG 13Bid06d 04h 45m$12007,890$213
DIVINOSABOR.NET 11Bid05d 00h 35m$10107,808$378
JUSTHELLOW.COM 10Bid01d 03h 00m$12107,307$1,334
SURFTOCASHFORMULAWITHTOI.COM 24Bid06d 03h 20m$12006,999$72
TURMIR.COM 6Bid07d 01h 55m$12006,797$1,682
SWG18.COM 5Bid07d 23h 39m$12005,944$1,050
SINGLECLICKOPTIMIZER.COM 20Bid09d 00h 36m$12005,934$385
GMPAN.COM 5Bid08d 00h 53m$12005,850$1,749
PORIBORTONTV.COM 12Bid07d 00h 04m$12005,610$463
THOUSANDISLANDCATERING.COM 22Bid04d 03h 00m$12005,310$864
NUNGXGAY.COM 8Bid08d 04h 09m$12005,155$615
MYAKOAM.COM 7Bid00d 01h 25m$15204,907$778
FPT888.COM 6Bid09d 02h 47m$12004,863$1,673
HEIDIHAMOUD.COM 11Bid02d 02h 26m$12004,740$583
DIVINOSABOR.INFO 11Bid05d 03h 39m$10104,638$4
RHYTHMANDDESSERTS.COM 17Bid07d 03h 49m$10104,637$980
MANUALDACOZINHA.BIZ 15Bid01d 02h 47m$10104,622$2
AKHISARKARO.COM 11Bid03d 03h 54m$12004,620$405
TODAYESCAPES.COM 12Bid03d 04h 34m$12004,500$1,406
NUDIST-FUN.INFO 10Bid00d 04h 23m$50404,443$2
THEBELLYRULES.COM 13Bid09d 04h 13m$12104,307$1,109
DIARCI.COM 6Bid04d 04h 34m$12004,170$1,328
BNFTRADE.CO 8Bid03d 00h 22m$12004,020$2
DIARYHIJABER.COM 12Bid04d 04h 33m$10103,873$550
KBERGETAR.NET 9Bid09d 04h 37m$12003,852$143
MISSIONDEBRIEF.COM 14Bid07d 02h 41m$12003,750$1,072
MARYBARBON.COM 10Bid00d 01h 40m$12003,690$846
TATTOOEDMARTHA.COM 14Bid02d 00h 15m$1051603,690$644
THEHOLOGRAMDISPLAY.COM 18Bid07d 00h 34m$12003,690$822
ITSOKAYTODREAM.COM 14Bid09d 01h 54m$12003,690$1,153
COCUBED.ORG 7Bid04d 01h 29m$12003,630$366
FOURCLOVERFARM.COM 14Bid06d 23h 28m$12003,630$720
ECOARTOLOGY.COM 11Bid04d 04h 27m$12003,600$1,227
PANTAZONE.COM 9Bid05d 01h 26m$12003,600$1,219
EPICTRAVELENGLAND.COM 17Bid03d 01h 55m$12003,570$362
SOUTHKITCHENNOCATEE.COM 19Bid02d 23h 37m$12003,570$434
FIONADB.COM 7Bid08d 04h 37m$12003,570$1,049
PONSTUDIO.NET 9Bid08d 23h 34m$12003,551$109
DAMIANHIND.COM 10Bid08d 01h 39m$12003,510$575
PEPPESCOTT.COM 10Bid05d 00h 25m$12003,480$716
FAFAFAGAMESONLINE.COM 17Bid08d 01h 57m$12003,480$363
RUIDIMU.COM 7Bid09d 03h 17m$12003,450$1,207
BRENDAQUIROS.COM 12Bid08d 00h 54m$12003,420$656
SWEETERLITTLEHOME.COM 17Bid04d 00h 46m$12003,382$565
NITROGENMEDIAGROUP.COM 18Bid05d 01h 58m$10103,374$778
ARTIFICIALGRASSEBOOK.COM 20Bid03d 00h 53m$12003,300$1,006
FORGE26.COM 7Bid05d 02h 29m$12103,300$1,340
NETHAA.COM 6Bid03d 02h 25m$12003,276$1,273
QURANSAFWA.COM 10Bid02d 02h 11m$10103,180$553
VYOSOLUCIONESFINANCIERAS.ORG 24Bid02d 02h 45m$12003,180$47
FOUR3FORTYSPORTS.COM 16Bid07d 04h 43m$12003,150$62
MAMA-NURSE-KATIEB.COM 17Bid04d 23h 38m$12003,090$87
FOURPAWSAND18WHEELS.COM 19Bid02d 04h 08m$12003,060$207
SONDRCENTER.COM 11Bid03d 02h 48m$12003,000$1,381
C-LANG.NET 6Bid03d 23h 43m$12102,954$63
MRPOLKAMAGIC.COM 12Bid03d 04h 25m$12002,880$607
SERIESPEPINO.NET 12Bid09d 01h 07m$12002,867$140
MANUALDACOZINHA.NET 15Bid00d 00h 42m$10102,850$222
HIGHINTENSITYSOFTBALL.ORG 21Bid08d 00h 22m$12002,850$408
ILLTOMMIE.COM 9Bid02d 00h 11m$12002,820$843
WILD-AND-HUNGRY.COM 15Bid09d 03h 56m$12002,820$404
BARNEYSBRUNCHHOUSE.COM 18Bid00d 04h 45m$40632,807$710
DOGGYBETTER.COM 11Bid00d 00h 01m$12002,790$1,220
ANAKBAYANUSA.ORG 12Bid04d 00h 18m$10102,790$112
RUAYHOON.COM 8Bid05d 02h 52m$15202,752$1,300
RODRIGOCONSTANTINO.COM 18Bid00d 00h 18m$751302,730$335
THEWOMENAREA.COM 12Bid05d 03h 42m$12002,730$1,078
VITORUBYLILY.COM 12Bid06d 04h 03m$12002,640$377
HAMBROMETRO.COM 11Bid00d 01h 50m$12002,610$1,092
ILOVEBUTTERCUPSBLOG.COM 19Bid01d 04h 47m$12002,610$218
BESTWISDOM-TO-HAVE-GOING-FORTH.INFO 30Bid00d 02h 28m$10112,557$0
MEGA-ESTRENOS.COM 13Bid01d 01h 36m$10102,538$1,063
GO-MAD.US 6Bid05d 03h 37m$12002,520$21
WONDEROUSFAITH.COM 14Bid01d 00h 10m$12002,490$989
WERILL.COM 6Bid03d 02h 58m$12002,490$1,212
CHAPTERSOFKEL.COM 13Bid02d 03h 24m$12002,460$757
UNGALULAGAM.COM 11Bid04d 04h 44m$12002,460$567
YOUREVERYDAYMILLENNIAL.COM 22Bid05d 03h 20m$12002,460$557
ALLOUTGYMGEAR.COM 13Bid07d 04h 00m$12002,460$684
ALWAYSTHEROAD.COM 13Bid09d 01h 13m$12002,460$1,293
SOUTHWESTAVIATIONREVIEW.COM 23Bid-1d 23h 46m$12002,430$373
SONDRCENTER.ORG 11Bid03d 04h 48m$12002,430$343
HYDERABADUSATRAININGS.COM 21Bid05d 04h 15m$12002,430$77
FARANGCLOTHING.COM 14Bid06d 23h 31m$10102,430$836
THELEMONBARONLINE.COM 17Bid07d 03h 09m$12002,430$710
TONTURE.COM 7Bid08d 01h 24m$12002,430$1,216
VERYGOODTUBE.COM 12Bid00d 23h 30m$10102,406$1,155
VERCOMICSPIRNO.COM 14Bid03d 03h 19m$10102,382$130
JSTARSTUFF.COM 10Bid02d 23h 33m$10102,370$686
LEONIDASLAIR.COM 12Bid05d 00h 35m$12002,370$708
GOOD-INSURANCE.INFO 14Bid01d 00h 44m$12002,342$4
VONDERLIEBL.COM 11Bid06d 02h 41m$12002,340$492
DREAMFABRICATIONS.COM 17Bid09d 00h 07m$12002,340$1,167
TEACHINGCLIMATELAW.ORG 18Bid06d 23h 43m$12002,310$347
PROGRESSTINATE.COM 14Bid00d 04h 39m$12002,280$578
BOGGLEBITS.COM 10Bid03d 00h 59m$12002,280$1,178
GRANTTEMPLATE.COM 13Bid08d 01h 24m$12002,280$1,225
PSICO-WEB.COM 9Bid04d 01h 51m$10102,253$295
MEDIA-CENTURY.COM 13Bid02d 00h 57m$12002,250$794
LEADTECHY.COM 9Bid06d 02h 21m$12002,250$1,262
CHRISTINA-BEAUTY-CAMBODIA.COM 25Bid06d 04h 55m$12002,237$41
KHADENFOX.COM 9Bid02d 23h 28m$12002,220$549
BEACOMUSIC.COM 10Bid01d 00h 41m$12002,190$818
CHILOUHEFCHI.NET 12Bid02d 04h 53m$10102,190$0
CONGRESOEQUIPA.COM 14Bid03d 04h 16m$12002,190$750
MISSPETRAJELINKOVA.COM 18Bid02d 00h 24m$12002,160$197
JUMPMETAL.COM 9Bid09d 03h 25m$12002,156$1,276
SG-COSMOS.COM 9Bid00d 04h 29m$12002,130$564
CELLPHONESSHOWCASE.COM 18Bid03d 01h 08m$12002,130$1,226
NADIAKITCHEN.COM 12Bid06d 02h 55m$12002,130$968
DRYWALLREPAIRSPECIALIST.COM 23Bid07d 00h 47m$12002,130$914
ONAHAMA-OCEAN.COM 13Bid09d 00h 51m$12002,110$2
REFRESHINGFAITHFULHEARTS.COM 24Bid07d 02h 05m$12002,100$252
SEO-PRONEW.COM 10Bid09d 03h 12m$12002,070$173
ELUSIVEWANDERER.COM 15Bid00d 00h 48m$12002,040$1,140
ENVISION-RENOVATION.COM 19Bid03d 03h 17m$12002,040$286
HKSERVICE.US 9Bid04d 02h 33m$12002,040$23
THEECLECTICHEART.COM 16Bid04d 23h 52m$12002,040$1,070
7-YILDIZ.COM 8Bid00d 23h 49m$12002,010$97
NEWSWEDENCOVENANT.ORG 17Bid08d 01h 28m$12002,010$131
SOSOCILI.CC 8Bid08d 02h 56m$12002,003$18
ONLINEMOVIEWATCHS.WS 17Bid01d 23h 45m$12001,991$29
LIVINGGREENSCOLORADO.COM 20Bid02d 03h 44m$12001,980$397
DESIGNYOUROWNAFTERLIFE.COM 22Bid05d 04h 07m$12001,980$443
THETABLEWINNIPEG.ORG 16Bid07d 00h 31m$12001,980$611
MARGOTCARMICHAEL.COM 16Bid09d 02h 07m$12001,980$526
REXPELIS.COM 8Bid07d 23h 57m$10131,953$3,570
ONETWENTYLENS.COM 13Bid00d 04h 17m$12001,950$636
BASMEDIASOLUTIONS.COM 17Bid03d 03h 57m$12001,950$474
WEBQUALITYSOLUTION.COM 18Bid02d 23h 39m$12001,950$719
ATHLETERECRUITCARDS.COM 19Bid03d 02h 35m$12001,950$236
AROMAAFFECT.COM 11Bid06d 00h 16m$12001,950$735
DANIELLEDLS.COM 11Bid07d 04h 15m$12001,950$453
TOCNMB.COM 6Bid07d 03h 11m$12001,950$0
BELISPAREPART.COM 13Bid08d 02h 48m$12001,950$454
SHELBYLYNNLIVES.COM 15Bid09d 00h 12m$12001,950$486
MYFUNNELSERVICES.COM 16Bid09d 03h 17m$12001,950$763
SMARTLIVINGPH.COM 13Bid01d 03h 47m$12001,920$842
JOURNEYWITHJAMIE.NET 16Bid03d 01h 19m$12001,920$35
TAPAVAKOS.COM 9Bid04d 02h 24m$12001,920$607
HOWARDSQUARE.ORG 12Bid04d 23h 57m$12001,920$585
BYFILES.COM 7Bid07d 03h 28m$10101,920$1,385
20PAWSANDCOUNTING.COM 17Bid07d 01h 22m$12001,920$76
WL-IPTV.COM 7Bid02d 04h 28m$10101,904$0
UPSRUNTIMES.COM 11Bid05d 00h 49m$12001,890$1,144
FOODBYPAOLA.COM 11Bid04d 23h 56m$12001,890$606
CODEVIANT.COM 9Bid05d 01h 10m$12001,890$1,244
ESLITERATURETHOUGHTS.COM 20Bid09d 04h 32m$12001,890$261
DTMH.CC 4Bid05d 03h 32m$12001,880$35
FIVERFOLKS.COM 10Bid00d 04h 35m$12001,860$1,147
MATRADIESEL.COM 11Bid00d 04h 18m$12001,860$766
SIMPLYMADELINEJOHN.COM 18Bid01d 00h 21m$12001,860$324
DANAFRYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM 18Bid03d 00h 15m$12001,860$478
BEKARMY.COM 7Bid04d 01h 43m$12001,860$1,203
FRIENDSHIPSANDFAMILIES.COM 22Bid06d 04h 43m$12001,860$939
TELLTHEMFORUS.COM 13Bid07d 00h 26m$12001,860$969
GRACETEDDYFAMILY.COM 16Bid08d 03h 53m$12001,860$558
JRARTISTEPEINTRE.COM 16Bid01d 04h 34m$12001,830$478
ANAISHULL.COM 9Bid01d 04h 37m$12001,830$843
MAGALUAGORAJUNTAS.COM 17Bid03d 23h 52m$12001,830$61
MEDIASTREAMLINE.COM 15Bid04d 03h 00m$12001,830$1,345
CULLINAN-IRAQ.COM 13Bid05d 04h 17m$12001,830$259
MUSICTHEORYMATERIALS.COM 20Bid07d 23h 46m$12001,830$909
LAVIDALARA.COM 10Bid09d 04h 22m$12001,830$552
KEVINDGIBBS.COM 11Bid09d 03h 17m$12001,830$509
FUNKEFORSENATE.COM 14Bid01d 02h 28m$12001,800$462
SUPPLIESTOYS.COM 12Bid01d 04h 41m$12001,800$1,434
MOVESABC.COM 8Bid03d 01h 27m$12001,800$1,220
MIGHTYMOMBUN.COM 12Bid04d 02h 34m$12001,800$598
GOLDCREEKBOTANICALS.COM 19Bid04d 23h 43m$12001,800$1,011
GLAMOURASALON.COM 13Bid06d 00h 31m$12001,800$607
POWERFULLYHERE.COM 14Bid08d 01h 47m$12001,800$1,224
LITTLEFEETTKD.COM 13Bid00d 00h 56m$12001,770$421
ALINPATULARU.COM 12Bid02d 01h 43m$12001,770$207
RESORTLOOPRADIO.COM 15Bid02d 03h 36m$12001,770$789
JUSTSIMPLYSHARING.COM 17Bid06d 23h 43m$12001,770$1,012
DONCADWALLADER.NET 14Bid07d 23h 34m$12001,740$33
AICNC.ORG 5Bid09d 00h 36m$12001,740$845
SPRUHAADA.COM 9Bid00d 00h 20m$12001,710$490
ALITTLEWIT.COM 10Bid00d 01h 06m$12001,710$777
REESTRUCTURACIONES.COM 18Bid02d 01h 13m$12001,710$1,187
ADVENTURESOFMAXANDRACHEL.COM 24Bid02d 00h 48m$12001,710$303
SARAGILLIANNE.COM 13Bid03d 02h 21m$12001,710$393
WILDLIFEREINTRODUCTION.ORG 22Bid04d 03h 21m$12001,710$334

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